Decorative Trays That Dazzle Your Guests!

There’s something extremely refined about serving your delicacies in decorative trays. They add that pinch of panache to your hosting skills and indicate your distinguished tastes. We all pay complete attention to our decor and menu when inviting guests over. We set up the house beautifully, clean it, arrange the furniture, etc. Next we make sure that the food is delicious and to everyone liking, that everyone, in general is having a good time. While there is no denying the fact that such things are vastly important, we must also not forget that it’s the details that really count. That’s when the need and importance of decorative trays is realized.

Decorative trays

This impressive serve ware signifies your hosting flair and style and be it a celebratory gala, a festive occasion, a birthday or even a special gathering, they surely exhibit perfection. Not only do they make best dinner ware accessories, they also are an excellent gift idea. Surprise your friends, family and loved ones by gifting them these striking marvels to make their abode more gorgeous.

At UrbanDazzle, we offer to you a whole wide range of decorative trays that fulfill a variety of purposes, look breathtakingly beautiful and come at a best price. The trays come in a variety of sizes, designs and colors and have been made keeping in mind the tastes, needs and preferences of our buyers. While some have minimalistic designs and patterns on them, others have been elaborately embellished to add a touch of opulence to your serving style.

These table essentials can be used as a base for ornamental gifts, to pack sweet boxes, delicate accessories, wedding gifts, etc. Each of our trays have been intricately detailed and manufactured to reverberate with the grandeur and splendor of every festival, that not only adds a dash of majesty to your gathering but also lots of dazzle to your gifts or home decor.

A few of the outstanding decorative trays from world class brands such as Devnow, Walther, etc are available with us. Take a look-


Adorno Gray Wooden Tray

Price- Rs. 1780

Buy Adorno Gray Wooden Tray

The splendid carvings and charming floral designs give this tray a very delicate and benign appearance. The stones in soft turquoise make for an exotic display.


Attraente Square Decoration Tray 12.5 inches with Metal Handle

Price- Rs. 802

Buy Attraente Square Decoration Tray

The imperial appearance will delight you and make for a special gift. The stunning border, dazzling gold paint and graceful pattern make it an incredible sight.

Purchase the best decorative trays from UrbanDazzle at the best of prices and bring home elegance, sophistication and class.


How to Decor Home on Diwali

So its Dhanteras already, and Finally after one long month’s hard work and patience and hard-work, I finally was able to give my dream decor a shape. Well, it turned out to be worth the work and time invested. It was AWESOME!

Must Have Home Decoration Accessories on Diwali

One month of renovation called resulted into eyeful of the new dream home. And the secret behind the awe-inspiring results will be shared further in this blog. And the bigger share of credit of the brighter smile on our faces is we didn’t have to run hither and thither for our “accessories”, that is decor products, kitchenware etc. All thanks to my favorite online home decor and kitchen store, Urbandazzle. My favorite products were just a click away!

1. The Color: The previous colour on the walls was replaced with new, vibrant. The room themes were set according to the person using the room. Like for instance, The living room was kept vibrant orange, the girls room was set purple and white, with some contemporary green grass-like carpet flooring, Master bedroom was crimson with dark brown wooden work, the kitchen needs to be sunny, so it was complemented with white and sunny yellow combination.

Best Home Decoration Example on Diwli

2. Decor: the rooms were complimented with beautiful decor. Like they say, all you need to do is accessorize! I believe perfect decor in the house are more like jewellery on a  woman. They add glamour to the place, and make the environment lively and beautiful. But the key is moderation. All you need to do is do it with some style. The products I chose were absolutely colorful and absolutely complimented with the interior. From vases to clocks to figurines, everything was purchased from Urbandazzle, and the results were plush and breath taking! And the centerpieces took away the major share of applaud, for they were distinct and intact, just the way we wanted it to be.

3. The Kitchen: Talking about kitchen, which turned out to be the most important part of our renovation, as we replaced everything this year, to welcome the new year with the freshness in the air, and the first thing we could think of was food and what compliments better the food than the perfect serving? Yes, presentation counts.

So talking about the kitchen, lets divide it into two categories:

1. Cookware.

2. Presentators.

1. Cookware: Well, Urbandazzle got a great range of bakeware, cookware, classic pans. The gist is quality. Thats what we wanted, and thats what we got. As promised. Results? The kitchen looks absolutely lavish and that too, the hush hush secret being, it was in pocket! How? I got an amazing 10% off! Now the cookware we got were new cake moulds, non stick pans, we even got new roasters. To the supporter and, some classic chic bottles, some new cutlery, s new brand new float shelf were the newest added accessories.

2. Presentators: The first thing I could think of was some exotic cheesecake domes, some new food containers, three tier cake plates, new dinner set, a newly acquired bar accessorized with plush glassware and beautiful and convenient bar accessories.

Kitchen Decoration on Diwali

So this was how we decorated our home this year. Already planning on some new add-ons… for updates, keep visiting. Till then, XoXo… Happy Diwali!