Change the look and feel of your house as per your tastes.

Renovating a house is a huge task. Each homeowner has their own taste. However, the number of options available was very few. As a result, we would see the same design elements being used in different houses.  There is no harm in copying designs. However not every design fits into every house.

For example –Chandeliers is something that is unique. Yet you will see people add it to their houses. It ends up making it look congested. There have been cases where they have broken, yet people do not replace them. The same is with wall clocks. They are broken and non-functional. Yet they are kept as a showpiece. What we do not realize is that such items end up spoiling the look of the house.

living room  decoration ideas

Luckily for us, this entire concept is now undergoing a huge change. The retail market has undergone a transformation in the last five to six years. As a result, new design concepts are entering the market regularly. Let us look as few of the popular concepts.

  • Modern Designs- These designs are like nothing we have seen before. They are quirky , futuristic and some even change the philosophy of design . They extend to a number of different items.  Be it wall-clocks, center pieces, bowls and trays , you will be spoilt for choices. The best part of this design is its ability to blend. These designs can fit into any house. Yet they will never look out of place. They are pleasing to the eye and provide a unique look to the room they are placed in.
  • Traditional Designs- These designs are making a huge comeback. The past two decades saw these designs being relegated to the background. People used to consider them old and antiquated. Yet today they are considered classics. The best part is that like the modern designs they extend to different items. You have small table clocks, Pen holders, center pieces and a host of other items. They can be used to give a different look and even change the entire look of the room.


However you need to follow certain principles when making your choices.

  • Does the design fit into your house?
  • Are you looking to add or change the look of a room ?
  • Do you want to completely overhaul a room ?
  • Will it make your house look congested or airy?

Use the above tips to help spruce up your house.