Are you looking for a change in home décor? If yes then, you need to plan your taste and preferences and how well you can maintain that. One has to make a lot of effort in designing and renovating their house. Every corner of your house is demanding for a new and interesting look. If you will leave one corner then, it will never complement the new changes you have made.

Your home décor is not just confined to the color of the walls but, you also need to consider the:

  • Drink ware and crockery
  • Showpieces
  • Furniture and fittings
  • Bathroom utensils
  • Curtains
  • Cushions
  • Color of every single wall
  • Type and brand of paint
  • Bar accessories
  • Kitchen ware, etc.


Your house is your reflection and shows your personality traits too. You can always enjoy the compliments of the visitors if you keep coming up with some interesting changes in your house. There are so many new things and trends which are ruling the home décor market today. Your well arranged house can give you the confidence to invite guests and friends to party at your place.

Everything cannot be judged by money. There are affordable ways in which you can change the look of your house. Browse through the different home décor websites online  and you will find a million of new ideas to do so. Many websites display the pictures of bedrooms, kitchen, dining rooms, living room which can set an example for you to start the change.

If you are an aesthetic lover then, it will be easier to choose some new things to place in your house. Your fashion sense and choice of color can be used to change every corner of the house. A simple room can be made interesting with little sophistication and vibrant colors. At Urban Dazzle, there are hundreds of ideas and products which can give a new life to your house.

Home Decor tips

Those boring curtains are making the room out of life so; you need to pick some vibrant looking curtains. The corners of your bedroom are empty so, fill them up with some side tables or corners. Your kitchen still looks traditional and boring even with an OTG. You need to take up a modular kitchen kit which is available at affordable prices. All this will help you make your house lively in few dollars.


Change the look and feel of your house as per your tastes.

Renovating a house is a huge task. Each homeowner has their own taste. However, the number of options available was very few. As a result, we would see the same design elements being used in different houses.  There is no harm in copying designs. However not every design fits into every house.

For example –Chandeliers is something that is unique. Yet you will see people add it to their houses. It ends up making it look congested. There have been cases where they have broken, yet people do not replace them. The same is with wall clocks. They are broken and non-functional. Yet they are kept as a showpiece. What we do not realize is that such items end up spoiling the look of the house.

living room  decoration ideas

Luckily for us, this entire concept is now undergoing a huge change. The retail market has undergone a transformation in the last five to six years. As a result, new design concepts are entering the market regularly. Let us look as few of the popular concepts.

  • Modern Designs- These designs are like nothing we have seen before. They are quirky , futuristic and some even change the philosophy of design . They extend to a number of different items.  Be it wall-clocks, center pieces, bowls and trays , you will be spoilt for choices. The best part of this design is its ability to blend. These designs can fit into any house. Yet they will never look out of place. They are pleasing to the eye and provide a unique look to the room they are placed in.
  • Traditional Designs- These designs are making a huge comeback. The past two decades saw these designs being relegated to the background. People used to consider them old and antiquated. Yet today they are considered classics. The best part is that like the modern designs they extend to different items. You have small table clocks, Pen holders, center pieces and a host of other items. They can be used to give a different look and even change the entire look of the room.


However you need to follow certain principles when making your choices.

  • Does the design fit into your house?
  • Are you looking to add or change the look of a room ?
  • Do you want to completely overhaul a room ?
  • Will it make your house look congested or airy?

Use the above tips to help spruce up your house.

Online living accessories for Home and Kitchens

Buying a home and decorating it is an exciting task. You can plan, design and use your imagination to create the look of your home. You need trendy home décor accessories and also kitchen appliances to make living in the house comfortable. When it comes to home decoration, home décor online shopping can really save you money and time.


How to decorate your new home

Home décor requires you to plan, study and come up with interesting ideas. However, you may have plenty of creative ideas and want to make your home look like a palace, but budget will always determine how much you can spread yourself. So, first thing first, you need to fix your budget.

Once your budget is drawn on paper, you need to create a list of home décor priorities. You may need to remodel the kitchen and get new appliances. The rooms may need a fresh coat of paint and a few pieces of furniture too. Online living accessories websites will ensure that you get whatever you want and that too within your budget. The online shops are the best places to shop around for home décor items. They not only maintain a huge range of products but also source them from popular and reputed brands. Thus you are always assured of the quality of goods that you buy from them.

Remodeling a kitchen often becomes costly because of the appliances you want it to have. However, if you are running out of money, getting a few basic items may be enough for the time being. Mixer, grinder, toaster and a dinner set are the basic things that you have to get.

You can get cook and preserve ware online and save on your money. Even it would be advisable to buy kitchen accessories online since you can choose from a wide array of products and get the ones that suffice your requirements.

Ramekins online India showcases a huge range of kitchen appliances and dinner sets and even home décor items. The products are handpicked from different well known brands and are of high quality. You will get cookware and bake ware India in a variety of styles and designs. Finding the right set that will suit your new kitchen will not be difficult.


You may want to set up a bar also in the new home to throw parties for your friends and relatives. In that case you will require bar accessories. Best glassware online India will help you to acquire exclusive glasses to welcome your guests.

Modeling a new home or going for a makeover becomes easy with Ramekins online India store. You can browse through their vast repertoire of home décor items and pick the ones that suit your taste and budget.

Exclusive Table Essentials at UrbanDazzle

Imagine going to a restaurant that serves great food but pays zero attention to presentation and serving. The tables are shabbily laid out, doing zero justice to the amount of money you’d be paying for dining at that place. Most of us wouldn’t prefer going there because along with food, what makes or breaks our impression of a place is the ambience. That’s the reason why a major chunk of expenditure goes in the built up of a dwelling, be it the infrastructure, the appearance or the interiors. 2

Same goes with our homes. When we invite guests at home or have friends over for a casual dinner, just good food doesn’t suffice. There’s some amount of presentation involved in making your delicacies appear even more irresistible, some detailed attention given to the appearance and layout of the main table, that signifies the sophistication and style of your home.

Unique Table Essentials at UrbanDazzle-

At UrbanDazzle, there is a wide variety of every essential item you would need to lay on your table. Each product has a different purpose, some known for their utility, some for their enhanced beauty while some others for their function. You can pick from a huge range of products that include cruet set (salt/pepper or oil/vinegar), napkin holder, coasters, cutlery, butter dish, etc.

Spectacular Brands at UrbanDazzle-

The brands at UrbanDazzle are one of a kind. A majority of national and international brands of Kitchen accessories  bring together their products under one platform, making shopping a highly convenient and fun experience. Pick from a dazzling range of table essentials from Devnow Ceramics, Decover, Ego Alter, Marinex, Bormioli Rocco, Walther, Borgonovo, Sola Cutlery, Arcoroc, etc.


Find unlimited products at the best price only at UrbanDazzle. These distinctive items come at affordable rates, despite their high quality and impeccable beauty.

A few products for you to browse-

Table set by Devnow Ceramics7 piece table set

7 piece set

Price- Rs 1000

It is Microwave safe, dishwasher safe and OTG safe.

Bottle Indro with red lidbottle indro

3 piece set

Price- Rs. 790

The brilliant Italian craftsmanship and the immaculate elegance of these bottles give a stylish feel to your home. The red top and the sculpting in the shape of a tulip make these beauties enchanting.

Country Home Gotica Bottiglia 250 ml by BORMIOLI ROCCOCountry Home Gotica Bottiglia

2 piece set

Price- Rs. 470

Graceful is the word that crosses your mind when you glance at these beautifully sculpted marvels. The pristine looking bottles making your dining a truly memorable experience.

Gear yourself up to shop the most outstanding of home and decor products at the best price only at UrbanDazzle.

The Best of Dessert Ware at Urban Dazzle

For most people, the dessert is the most awaited part of a meal. After gorging on the spicy foods, one needs to pamper their sweet tooth too.

Puddings, cakes, kheer, pastries, sweets make for a variety of desserts. For each one, Urban Dazzle offers you the best of crockery in order to help you optimize your desserts appearance.

Cake plates, cheese domes, dessert bowls, pudding sets, dessert glasses and a number of other dessert ware make for an exquisite collection, helping you make a lasting impression through the last addition of your dinner.

Be it an elegant evening setting or a relaxed afternoon lunch, every meal feels incomplete if there isn’t anything sweet to savour after it. And we Indians have a soft spot for sweets.

Gulab jamuns, halwas, mithais, cakes, ice-creams, the sweetness of these delicacies is inherent in our meals, and Urban Dazzle gives you endless options to further beautify their serving.

Utility of dessert ware

1. They enhance the appearance of our desserts.

2. They make a great impression on our guests.

3. It’s the little details that matter, and enchanting dessert ware strikes exactly the right chord.

4. Different types of desserts should be served in different dishes and Urban Dazzle helps you make the right choice.

To give you a quick overview of the dazzling dessert ware at Urban Dazzle, here are a few items for your to see-

Alaska Banana Split Dish by OceanBuy Alaska Banana Split Dish Online India  Dessert Bowls by Ocean  Best Dine  Urbandazzle

Price- Rs. 777

These dessert bowls in graceful glass and gorgeous curves will please and surprise your guests when you serve them their most loved delights.

Charger Plate Full Mate by RIEDEL NACHTMANN

Buy Charger Plate Full Mate 32 cm  Black  Online India  Serving trays by Riedel Nachtmann  Cake Plates  Serving trays  Urbandazzle

Price- Rs 1600

This gorgeous leaf will add magic to your servings, you can use it to place individual goodies or compliment it with the rest of your elaborate preparations.

Carmin Satin Bowl by Carmin

Buy Carmen Satin Bowl 14 cm Online India  Soup Bowl by Walther  Dessert Bowls  Soup Bowl  Multi Purpose Bowl  Urbandazzle

Price- Rs. 640

The exotic, enchanting flowers on this bowl make it irresistible and full of brilliance. Their pristine presence adds warmth to your decor.

The dessert ware at Urban Dazzle is full of options that are for you to explore. You are sure to find a piece of crockery for every dessert that you prepare for your near and dear ones.

How to Decor Home on Diwali

So its Dhanteras already, and Finally after one long month’s hard work and patience and hard-work, I finally was able to give my dream decor a shape. Well, it turned out to be worth the work and time invested. It was AWESOME!

Must Have Home Decoration Accessories on Diwali

One month of renovation called resulted into eyeful of the new dream home. And the secret behind the awe-inspiring results will be shared further in this blog. And the bigger share of credit of the brighter smile on our faces is we didn’t have to run hither and thither for our “accessories”, that is decor products, kitchenware etc. All thanks to my favorite online home decor and kitchen store, Urbandazzle. My favorite products were just a click away!

1. The Color: The previous colour on the walls was replaced with new, vibrant. The room themes were set according to the person using the room. Like for instance, The living room was kept vibrant orange, the girls room was set purple and white, with some contemporary green grass-like carpet flooring, Master bedroom was crimson with dark brown wooden work, the kitchen needs to be sunny, so it was complemented with white and sunny yellow combination.

Best Home Decoration Example on Diwli

2. Decor: the rooms were complimented with beautiful decor. Like they say, all you need to do is accessorize! I believe perfect decor in the house are more like jewellery on a  woman. They add glamour to the place, and make the environment lively and beautiful. But the key is moderation. All you need to do is do it with some style. The products I chose were absolutely colorful and absolutely complimented with the interior. From vases to clocks to figurines, everything was purchased from Urbandazzle, and the results were plush and breath taking! And the centerpieces took away the major share of applaud, for they were distinct and intact, just the way we wanted it to be.

3. The Kitchen: Talking about kitchen, which turned out to be the most important part of our renovation, as we replaced everything this year, to welcome the new year with the freshness in the air, and the first thing we could think of was food and what compliments better the food than the perfect serving? Yes, presentation counts.

So talking about the kitchen, lets divide it into two categories:

1. Cookware.

2. Presentators.

1. Cookware: Well, Urbandazzle got a great range of bakeware, cookware, classic pans. The gist is quality. Thats what we wanted, and thats what we got. As promised. Results? The kitchen looks absolutely lavish and that too, the hush hush secret being, it was in pocket! How? I got an amazing 10% off! Now the cookware we got were new cake moulds, non stick pans, we even got new roasters. To the supporter and, some classic chic bottles, some new cutlery, s new brand new float shelf were the newest added accessories.

2. Presentators: The first thing I could think of was some exotic cheesecake domes, some new food containers, three tier cake plates, new dinner set, a newly acquired bar accessorized with plush glassware and beautiful and convenient bar accessories.

Kitchen Decoration on Diwali

So this was how we decorated our home this year. Already planning on some new add-ons… for updates, keep visiting. Till then, XoXo… Happy Diwali!

My Diwali Celebration Plan

So begins the season of festivals, of light, of joy, celebrations, and happiness!

Above that, it comes as a renovation festival to our homes, as along with Diwali comes the time to smell some fresh paint, some new furniture, some newness, some more air. The season of new look to the house, enlightening the house with beautiful candles and lights for Diwali, One of the best times in India!

Diwali Celebration and Home Decoration Ideas in India

From those beautiful Thalis to the beautiful candles for Diwali celebration, which would not only add that charm, but also add that glamorous sheen to your world. Like they say,

My idea of home renovation this year is sheer sophistication, lots of lights and candles, from floating candles to elite candle stand sets, etc.

There are going to be some new and elite figures, some plush & blush colours, every corner of the house is on my plan, to be renovated, rejoiced and prepared to welcome to the auspicious occasion ahead. For that, my choice this time is soothing, and exotic, some Buddha.

If you’re happy, if you’re feeling good, then nothing else matters. And my taste, when fulfilled according to my vision, my way, makes me happy. Thats what matters to me.

Fashion and decor should amuse you and your friends ~Lauren Santo Domingo

Best Diwali Gifts Ideas and Online Shop in India

 When you are a Style Statement Inventor, you need to be precisely perfect in every aspect of your style. Everything about you should define your style, your life. Art should speak for it.

As Pedro Almodovar says, “I think decor says a lot about someone’s social position, their taste, their sensibility, their work – and also about the aesthetic way I have chosen to tell their story.” So to be that Story, one has to be flawless, and nothing could make me more perfect than my selection for the presentation part, food has to be the charm, the glassware has to be spellbounding, so palatial that the glory of the presentation is as deviant as the food itself.

So for that, my choice is some new sets of boat plats, some elite black and white combinations, and since I am a person of humour, its gonna be the Buy (Owleey) for the choice of dessert plates.

SO far, this is my plan to welcome the festival of light. Will share more, till then, XOXO.