The Best of Dessert Ware at Urban Dazzle

For most people, the dessert is the most awaited part of a meal. After gorging on the spicy foods, one needs to pamper their sweet tooth too.

Puddings, cakes, kheer, pastries, sweets make for a variety of desserts. For each one, Urban Dazzle offers you the best of crockery in order to help you optimize your desserts appearance.

Cake plates, cheese domes, dessert bowls, pudding sets, dessert glasses and a number of other dessert ware make for an exquisite collection, helping you make a lasting impression through the last addition of your dinner.

Be it an elegant evening setting or a relaxed afternoon lunch, every meal feels incomplete if there isn’t anything sweet to savour after it. And we Indians have a soft spot for sweets.

Gulab jamuns, halwas, mithais, cakes, ice-creams, the sweetness of these delicacies is inherent in our meals, and Urban Dazzle gives you endless options to further beautify their serving.

Utility of dessert ware

1. They enhance the appearance of our desserts.

2. They make a great impression on our guests.

3. It’s the little details that matter, and enchanting dessert ware strikes exactly the right chord.

4. Different types of desserts should be served in different dishes and Urban Dazzle helps you make the right choice.

To give you a quick overview of the dazzling dessert ware at Urban Dazzle, here are a few items for your to see-

Alaska Banana Split Dish by OceanBuy Alaska Banana Split Dish Online India  Dessert Bowls by Ocean  Best Dine  Urbandazzle

Price- Rs. 777

These dessert bowls in graceful glass and gorgeous curves will please and surprise your guests when you serve them their most loved delights.

Charger Plate Full Mate by RIEDEL NACHTMANN

Buy Charger Plate Full Mate 32 cm  Black  Online India  Serving trays by Riedel Nachtmann  Cake Plates  Serving trays  Urbandazzle

Price- Rs 1600

This gorgeous leaf will add magic to your servings, you can use it to place individual goodies or compliment it with the rest of your elaborate preparations.

Carmin Satin Bowl by Carmin

Buy Carmen Satin Bowl 14 cm Online India  Soup Bowl by Walther  Dessert Bowls  Soup Bowl  Multi Purpose Bowl  Urbandazzle

Price- Rs. 640

The exotic, enchanting flowers on this bowl make it irresistible and full of brilliance. Their pristine presence adds warmth to your decor.

The dessert ware at Urban Dazzle is full of options that are for you to explore. You are sure to find a piece of crockery for every dessert that you prepare for your near and dear ones.