What common problems users face while shopping online in India?

E commerce business is a business that provides its services online. Online shopping is growing very rapidly in India. Almost all the big enterprises have their online presence through which they provide their customers a facility to buy products and services online. India is a very big market for all kinds of e commerce businesses and not only Indian, but also many international brands provide their e commerce services online in India.

Today, we will discuss some common problems users face while shopping online in India.

online shopping India
First problem is the trust and authority of the e commerce business. Obviously, people do not want to purchase from any new or untrustworthy website. Second problem is about the right product. You may have faced the thing that you purchase something online, but once you receive the product, you see that it is not what it looked like on the website. Return of the product is the only solution in the case. Another issue we usually notice is of the price difference. You may find a big difference in the price of a single product on different websites. Users might get confused about the actual price of the product, but obviously one should search thoroughly and should go with the minimum price option. Another problem comes while payment. Not all e commerce websites offer cash on delivery (COD) option on their products and not all the customers own a credit/debit card.

Though problems are many, but still online shopping business is growing in India because every problem has one or more solutions. One should try to know more about the product and the merchant before purchasing a product.